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    12 Style Tips Every Guy Could Learn From Bollywood's Best Dressed Men

    These guys have game. And you can too.

    1. Every guy should, at some point, invest in a good quality sweater with a comfortable fit.

    2. Before wearing a tie, pay attention to the colour of your shirt. Then, choose a tie with a similar colour in its pattern.

    3. Pick your sunglasses according to the shape of your face. There's something for everyone.

    4. When you're getting ready for a formal shindig, remember – nothing complements a good outfit like a classy watch.

    5. If you like leather jackets, avoid the thin, lightweight ones. You don't want to look like a garbage bag.

    6. You don't always have to play safe. Add a little colour to your wardrobe and spruce up your look.

    7. For that perfect fit, always opt for a tailored suit instead of buying one off the rack.

    8. You should definitely have at least one v-neck in your collection, but don't go apeshit with the plunge. Please.

    9. The gap between your blazer and collar should be minimal. A large collar gap is a sign of an ill-fitting suit.

    10. Don't just curl up your shirt sleeves like spring rolls. Learn how to do it right.

    11. White socks are only cool when you're playing sports. Be bold and try out different patterns to see which goes best.

    12. But most importantly, don't be afraid to bend the rules a little. Because you're a star.

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