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    11 Reasons Why Makar Sankranti Is The Best Time Of The Year In India

    Prettiest day ever.

    1. Everyone in India looks forward to the festival of Makar Sankranti for one reason – kites. Lots and lots of 'em.


    2. The fun begins when you go out and select your favourite kites from a gigantic selection.

    NARINDER NANU/AFP / Getty Images

    Gotta make sure that thing is battle-ready.

    3. Or, you could keep it old-school and make your own with pretty spools and your favourite colours.

    NARINDER NANU/AFP / Getty Images

    ^School girls in Amritsar prepare to fly some kites.

    4. The funny thing is, if someone's got a kite, everyone stops what they're doing to test that baby out.

    Twitter: @aamir_khan

    ^Actor Aamir Khan takes a break from shooting in Ludhiana to fly some kites with the crew.

    5. Also, everyone suddenly becomes a kite-flying expert, which makes for some entertaining conversation.

    NARINDER NANU/AFP / Getty Images

    Because they're not.

    6. Even if you're not flying a kite, one look up to the skies is enough to make your keep staring for hours.

    Mridul Saha / Via

    7. Some people go all out with their kites, which is a really good thing, if you're an ardent spectator.

    NOAH SEELAM/AFP / Getty Images

    ^An Indian participant on the first day of the International Kite Festival 2016 in Hyderabad.

    8. That sweet moment when your kite defies gravity and everyone around you cheers feels pretty damn amazing.

    NARINDER NANU/AFP / Getty Images

    9. But you know what beats that feeling too? Cutting down someone else's pretty kite and making your own.

    jankarl_v / Via

    10. Nothing looks more beautiful than your kite flying high in the sky while the sun goes down.

    11. Oh, and of course, it works wonders for your Instagram game.

    bhupendra_7773 / Via

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