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You Have To Watch This Guy Play The Most Ridiculous Characters On Instagram

Haanji, behenji?

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Chutki leads a very entertaining life.

But the best thing about her life is the conversations she has with her shopkeeper.

Like when she wants to buy some apples.

Or when all she wants is a hard disk but the silly shopkeeper just doesn't get it.

When she wants his opinion on her fancy dress.

When she discusses Game of Thrones spoilers with her shopkeeper.

When she's trying to decide which movie to watch.

When she's trying to be subtle about purchasing underwear.

When she just wants to know where the bathroom is.

When she's just straight up trolling the poor shopkeeper.

Even when she flirts with the shopkeeper a little.

And even when she mixes up the shopkeeper with the plumber.

Never change, Gaurav. CHUTKI. I MEAN CHUTKI. Who the hell is Gaurav.