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32 Things Every Indian Born In The '90s Misses Dearly

My pen-pencil is bigger than yours.

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1. Every ten minute break you got in school was an excuse to start a war. PEN FIGHT TIME, EVERYBODY!

2. Or if you were feeling especially naughty, you could play F-L-A-M-E-S.

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3. There was a lot to distract you from actually studying in school, such as your brand new double-decker compass box.

4. Pencil lead was a coveted commodity, and you would hate anyone who borrowed too much of your beloved stash.

5. But you got to show off your "pen-pencils" to each other to see who had the coolest stationery.

Don't even act like you didn't pretend you were giving yourself an injection with yours.

Don't even act like you didn't pretend you were giving yourself an injection with yours.

6. Let's admit it – back in the '90s, Cartoon Network was SOOOOO MUCH BETTER.

7. And the amazing game shows on Nickelodeon would make us super jealous of all the kids who got to take part.

They just don't make 'em like that anymore.

8. In case you didn't want to watch those shows (what), you always had this guy to look forward to every Sunday.

Doordarshan / Via

9. Watching TV shows like Small Wonder dubbed in Hindi had its own hilarious charm.

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10. And those were also the days of the most iconic ads ever.

11. '90s kids didn't have today's cutting-edge video games. BUT WE HAD CONTRA, BABY. AND SO MUCH MORE.

12. Collecting and exchanging these cartridges with your friends was almost as exciting as playing the games themselves.

Bryan Ochalla / Via Flickr: bochalla

13. Admit it – the wonderful free gifts were the real reason you'd beg your mother to buy Milo.

And eating it straight out of the box with a spoon, of course.

14. And although you were hooked to Boomer anyway, parading these tattoos around in school was an added bonus.

15. Do kids today still get their hands on these babies? Because if they don't, they're missing out on a whole world of adventure.

16. It was the time when every kid would pride themselves on their prowess with the "crazy ball".

Alice Bartlett / Via Flickr: alicebartlett

17. At some point, you stealthily peeked at the TV while your mum was watching Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi to see if you could make any sense of it.

Balaji Telefilms / Via Shayan Roy

But all you learnt was that the more eyeshadow someone wears, the more evil they are.

18. Standing outside the phone booth while your parents made STD/ISD calls gave you a lot of time to daydream...

Meena Kadri / Via Flickr: meanestindian

19. ...And you would daydream about really important stuff, like which one of these was the best.

(Hint: the correct answer is Uncle Chipps. Okay, maybe Cheetos. No, definitely Magic Masala. AAAAAAAAAGH.)

20. You would either eagerly wait for your turn to speak in the morning school assembly, or dread it.

Either way, your friends would make their best efforts to crack you up midway.

21. Lunch break in school meant 45 minutes to an hour of utter chaos around the school campus.

Prato / Via Flickr: 71279724@N00

22. It also meant spending your pocket money on irresistible sweets in the tuck shop.

Usually in amounts your folks would surely not approve of.

Usually in amounts your folks would surely not approve of.

23. And we may not have had the luxury of the internet, but these BAMF encyclopaedias meant that you ended up learning a lot more.

24. The older you got, the more you realised that these funny comics were the most meaningful thing in most papers.

25. And you figured out that if you stood next to the radio long enough, you could record your favourite track on a cassette for later enjoyment.

Scroll Droll / Via Facebook: scrolldroll

26. You would pride yourself on your G.I.Joe or Barbie collection...

27. ...And these mind-bending Hot Wheels tracks were every kid's dream come true.

28. Even if you weren't a toy freak, you've surely obsessed over how many of these you've had. Come on.

We spent waaaaay too much money on you, Pokémon.

29. However, it didn't beat the sheer joy of meeting your building friends in the evening, to play your favourite games.

Salman Khan Human Productions

Be it football, cricket, hop scotch, hide-&-seek or just plain running around like a lunatic, it was always the best two hours of the day.

30. And at some point, you would also have to be the one forced to go get the cricket ball from the grouchy neighbour's lawn.

31. Growing up watching this super squad do their thing in the '90s was the best, most incredible feeling ever.


32. And kids born in 2015 and after might never know the magic that was Maggi. Ever. *SOB*