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    22 Pictures People Who Haven't Grown Up In India Will Never Understand

    Classwork, homework, punishment, lecture, good… good morning teacher!

    1. This gruelling process, and the sweet feeling of success that followed right after.

    2. The decline into insanity when you couldn't find one of these, rendering your entire pencil useless.

    3. The mesmerising beauty of this incredible tool, which makes me go "HOW", even today.

    4. Spending hours in ensuring you become an expert at this game.

    5. Or becoming an expert in trading these.

    6. And when there was a strict teacher in class, sneakily playing this game without making a sound.

    7. Waking up early to clean these on P.T. day, only to return as if you'd trudged through a warzone.

    8. Celebrating the end of the exams with your favourite cricket bat.

    9. Making sure that nobody confused their Kool Rider with your own.

    10. The scores of gel pens you wasted while you were mastering this game.

    11. Or graduating to this, but still not being able to stop turning it into a nonsense toy.

    12. Rocking this iconic look.

    13. Never knowing what you would get whenever you played this.

    14. And secretly hoping that you get a 90% rating on your secret crush at the very least.

    15. Cursing yourself every time you tried using one of these, because IT NEVER WORKED. EVER.

    16. Using this not only to erase stuff, but also to draw on when bored, and hurl at enemies when threatened.

    17. Rushing to the gate after school to grab one of these before they ran out.

    18. Looking forward to after-school tuitions, but not because of your eagerness to master algebra.

    19. Pleading with your folks to bring this home, but only because the free gifts were kickass.

    20. The cutting-edge "Japanese technology" that it took to sharpen our pencils.

    21. Knowing full well that no technology could repair the damage you inflicted to the back of every pencil.

    22. And storing the sharpened and chewed-on pencils and more in this freakin' Optimus Prime of a pencil box.