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    Indians Don't Wipe Their Butts With Toilet Paper And Neither Should You

    Here's how you can save a shit ton of trees. H/t: Homegrown.

    The "post-poop toilet paper vs. water to wash your bums" debate has enthused hygiene aficionados for quite a while.

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    This article by Homegrown put the facts together to show why Indians have probably been doing it right all along.

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    Reportedly, nearly 270,000 trees are dumped in landfills every day. And about 10% of this is due to toilet paper.

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    The average annual TP consumption per household is around 20,000 sheets, or about a hundred rolls per year.

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    And to top it off, the paper might even clog the sewer system in your house from time to time.

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    But there's an easy solution to it all.


    How many trees do you kill when you disinfect your derriere with water? ZERO. MATH. BOOM.

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    How many toilets get clogged annually due to water? ZERO. ARITHMETICS. AMAZING.

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    And yes, if everyone converted to a TP-free lifestyle, a lot more water might be getting used up in the john...

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    But the amount of water used in bidets is reportedly trivial compared to the amount of water used in the production of toilet paper.

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    AND it feels great. Toilet paper does NOT feel great.

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    Bottom line is, switch to water for your posterior polishing needs, and save a SHIT TON of trees.

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    Keep on sprayin', India. You're doing it right.

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    Read the original article by Homegrown here.

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