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    Updated on 31 Aug 2020. Posted on 2 Nov 2015

    Here's Proof That Sania Mirza Is Having The Best Damn Year

    She can't stop slaaayin'.

    Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis just won the WTA women's doubles title. It was Mirza's 10th title of the year, and the duo's 9th together.

    She started the year off with a bang, winning the first three tournaments she played with her Swiss partner.

    And then it just kept getting better. The pair conquered the hallowed grounds of Wimbledon...

    And won their second Grand Slam title of the year at the U.S. Open.

    It wasn't any surprise that Mirza shot straight to World Number One in the women's doubles rankings.

    Let's just say she earned the shit out of the the Khel Ratna she received from Indian president Pranab Mukherjee.

    And all through the year, while she was winning title after title, she was also having a goddamn ball off the court.

    She cooked some mouthwatering biryani for the star cast of upcoming movie, Dilwale.

    Even when she appeared on Kapil Sharma's TV show, she out-sassed him time and again.

    And though we all agree Dubsmashes are a blight to society, she made it look totally adorbz.

    Look at her giving some serious competition to Kareena Kapoor over here.

    Oh, and did we mention that she spent the whole year looking absolutely FLY AF?

    Whether she's goofing off with her doubles partner...

    Or whether she's gazing off into the distance alone, she's looked drop-dead gorgeous all the freakin' time.

    She could be walking a ramp or something. Wait...

    She could be striking a pose on a magazine cover. Hold up...

    TL;DR: This is how we should all be reacting if anyone asks us how we feel about Sania Mirza.

    Now that the season's over, and Sania's had one of the best years of her career, she can relax a little.

    You deserve to put your feet up, girl. You've done enough slayin' for a year.

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