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18 Reasons My Dad Is Basically Ron Swanson In Disguise

How did I not see this before?

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1. He tries to act strict, but always looks adorable doing it.

2. But sometimes, he'll switch his game up and act like he's 12 years old at most.

3. And he always makes the same face after cracking a silly joke. Every. Time.

4. He becomes extremely excited when he gets his hands on a new electronic device.

5. It also means he's going to swamp my phone with confusing riddles and forwards that go on forever.

6. But he'll never accept the fact that he's technologically challenged to extreme levels.

7. He tries his best to keep up with whatever cool lingo my friends and I have been using these days.

8. He can be extremely skeptical of the government.

9. He's got a standard weird dance that he'll do whenever there's a party. Any party.

10. He is a man of simple tastes.


11. To say that he loves to eat would be an understatement of grave proportions.

12. But he's at his best when he decides to get his drink on just a wee bit.


13. He's got a very good explanation for not spending money on things.

14. He realllllllly loves his car, and goes all out to "customise" it.


15. He is self-reliant to a fault.

16. And he expects the same from me.

17. But I can tell it's always because he dotes on me and is proud of whatever nonsense I do.

18. And just like Ron Swanson, he always knows best.