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11 Photos The World Needs To See To Know How Beautiful Jammu & Kashmir Really Is

And we're not even talking about the scenery.

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1. When this mosque welcomed Hindus and Sikhs to take shelter after devastating floods rocked the state.

The Indian Express / Via

2. When a company provided free sanitary pads to women who were stranded after the floods.

3. When one of seven Hindu households in a village celebrated a wedding and hundreds of Muslims gathered to congratulate them.

4. When the Muslim residents of Tral helped travelling Hindu pandits in arranging a pooja.

5. When a 30-year-old teacher, caught in the floods, refused to leave behind his autistic students and swim to safety.

File photo: Adnan Abidi / Reuters / Via

6. When an all girls band defied the odds to participate in a battle of the bands, and won the competition too.

The Daily Mail / Via

7. When Kashmiri Muslims helped in performing the last rites of a Hindu priest.

8. When Krishno Devi proudly displayed her ink mark after having cast her vote in an election, despite being over 80 years of age.

AP Photo/Channi Anand

9. When Kashmiris rescued a young hangul deer, an endangered species, from a pack of stray dogs and nursed it back to health.

ROUF BHAT/AFP / Getty Images

10. When this young girl adorably tried to cling on to her mother, even in the middle of prayer.

Paula Bronstein / Getty Images / Via

11. And when these men shared a quiet moment after attending a special prayer, having lost their families during a devastating earthquake in 2005.

Paula Bronstein / Getty Images

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