This Insane Instrument Lets You Play Guitar, Piano, Violin AND Drums

Music geeks around the world, prepare to have your minds blown by Artiphon.

1. This is the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1.

2. The INSTRUMENT 1 is poised to change the way the music world looks at digital instruments.

It was created by American company Artiphon over 4 years, with various prototypes undergoing numerous revisions.

3. You can use it as a guitar…

Kickstarter Videos / Via

4. A piano…

Kickstarter Videos / Via

5. A violin…

Kickstarter Videos / Via

Yes, she IS using her iPhone as a violin bow!

6. And even as a drum pad.

And these are just the most basic things you could think of doing with the Instrument 1.

7. Here’s a closer look at the INSTRUMENT 1.

Enjoy your musical boner. I know I am.



9. The INSTRUMENT 1 works on hundreds of apps and music softwares, from GarageBand to ProTools.

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It is fully MIDI-compatible, so all you have do to is connect it to your Mac or PC via USB and you’re good to go.

10. The folks at Artiphon are also creating a companion app for the INSTRUMENT 1.

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That means you can customize the instrument in ways you’ve never heard before.

11. Want to strum a piano? Bow a banjo? Pluck a drum?

Kickstarter Videos / Via


12. No wonder the INSTRUMENT 1 raised $80,000 just six hours after it’s Kickstarter page went live last week.

Artiphon / Via

As of today, the project already has 1,400 eager backers, with 33 days still left to go for the Kickstarter campaign to conclude.

If you’re looking to get your hands on one, you should probably book yours soon.

13. The INSTRUMENT 1 isn’t even out yet, and Prince already approves*.

^Posted on the Artiphon Facebook page.

*This is not real.

14. So far, the INSTRUMENT 1 comes in black, white and a special Nashville Edition with a hardwood back.

15. Take my money, Artiphon. Just take it.

Take my dad’s money, take my neighbour’s money, take my dietician’s money.
I don’t give a shit. Everyone should try this out.

16. Watch the incredible demo of the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 right here:

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