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This Depiction Of Rugby From An Indian Movie Has Got Rugby-Playing Nations LOLing

Umm, boys. I think we added too much masala.

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A clip from 2004 Telugu movie Sye is being circulated on the internet as it is possibly the most bizarre depiction of rugby ever.

The video resurfaced after a Reddit user posted it to the site saying, "We need more sound effects in rugby!"

It was quickly picked up by websites based in Wales and New Zealand, both prominent rugby-playing nations, due to the sheer hilarity of the video.

So for those of you who aren't too familiar with the game of rugby, rest assured that is not how it is actually played.

And no, the players most definitely cannot take a smoke break between the game to indulge in a gigantic cigar.



Oh, well. Watch the entire video and learn how NOT to play rugby right here:

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