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    29 Sep 2015

    15 Struggles Only Indians Who Study Abroad Will Understand

    Prepare your body for the lack of ghar ka khaana. :'(

    1. You’ll definitely be making loads of friends out there. But they don’t know you like your chaddi buddies do.

    Eros International / Via

    2. That means no more getting turnt on the best desi alcohol and making regrettable decisions with your mates.

    3. No more acting like complete idiots on rickshaw rides just because you can.

    4. Oh yeah, and no more popping out with your buddies for some cutting chai either.

    5. Prepare your body for the lack of ghar ka khaana. You have no idea how much you'll miss it.

    6. And you won't ever complain about your food being too spicy. You'll actually be quite grateful if it is.

    Eros International / Via

    7. In fact, you’ll ache for pretty much every idiosyncratic thing that ever happens at home with the fam.

    Dharma Productions / Via

    8. No matter how much you whine about your bai, you’ll realise how spoilt you are when you leave India and have to do everything yourself.

    Being Indian / Via

    Good luck learning how to do laundry for the first time when you're 18, and explaining to your new friends why you're such a brat.

    9. Not to mention the customary frantic call from your mum whenever you’re getting home late.

    Europa Corp / Via

    To be fair, there will still be frantic calls when you're away.

    "Are you eating?"

    "Do you have money?"

    "What did you eat?"

    "How much money do you have?"

    10. You’ll start missing things that aren’t necessarily enjoyable. Like the thrill of bargaining.

    11. Or indulging in the guilty pleasure that is terrible Indian television.

    12. Even cussing loses its joy. You’ll learn new ones, but nothing beats the sheer gravity of the good ol' BHENCHOD.

    BuzzFeed India / Via Imaan Sheikh

    13. You’ll long for the chance to dance like a maniac to your favourite Bollywood tracks at weddings.

    14. You’ll get major FOMO whenever your favourite festivals approach.

    15. And of course, you’ll miss that familiar feeling of watching a cricket match between India and Pakistan, with the knowledge that an entire nation is watching with you.

    Bottom line: Do your thang, get your fancy degree and come back soon. There really is no place like home.

    Dave Chappelle / Comedy Central

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