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People All Over India Are Frantically Stockpiling Packs Of Maggi Noodles


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As you may know, India's beloved Maggi Noodles is under fire for allegedly containing lead & MSG.

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Now, people have begun freaking out about it getting recalled and pulled off stores.

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The stockpiling has begun.

No more Maggi? I should start stocking then.

Planning to stock up maggie & keep.

Time to stock up on Maggi

India's hoarding habits are beginning to hit fever pitch as we speak.

Better hoard Maggi. It's going to be banned I heard. I love my Maggi, lead and all.

^Now that's a true fan right there.

This is serious.

*Spends all the money in stocking up all the #Maggi in the world* 💁

My roommate at phone-uv bhai maine suna hai maggi bann ho gaye tu turant store pe ja jitna miley uthaa ley out of stock hone se :o

Some Twitter users are taking this opportunity to boast about their fast-food foresight.

I have stock of #Maggi at home ha ha ha *evil laugh*

Have one dozen packets of Maggi at home. I'm gonna buy more in case it seriously gets banned #Maggi

While others may be going juuuuust a little bit over the top with their paranoia.

Are they really gonna ban Maggie noodles???😥 those are my favorite😭 I'm buying fifty packs today idc

UP govt recalling maggie..seems like i hv to start stocking up in England..viable business of smuggling maggie to India?

A lot of people are seeing an immensely profitable business venture amidst all the chaos.

I have Started storing maggi.100rs per packet kamaunga.

So now basically we can hoard maggi and sell it later for black

i have some stash if anyone wants to score. #maggi

A few people have taken this moment to highlight the unfortunate "ban everything" trend of the year.

Can't imagine #Maggi getting banned. Haven't we had enough bans? Have enough stock to relish the last ones in case the unfortunate happens.

In other countries, when things get banned by government people ban it too. In India, when things get banned, people stock it up. #Maggi

But mostly though, everyone is losing their collective shit.

If u ban #Maggi what will I do. What will I cook when parents not at home. FDA wale paise denge bahar ka khana khane?

This is uni-maggi-nable.

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