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17 Things You Should Never, Ever Say To Someone Who Lives In Pune

"Yeah, I suppose the weather's not bad."

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2. "Oh, you're from Pune? Bet you moved there for the cheap accommodation."

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It isn't our fault that the real estate is sensibly priced, you know.

But yeah, it's a bonus we're not complaining about.


9. "So, do you go trekking to the nearby forts every day to pass your time?"

Rajput Digvijay Singh / Via

I mean, we DO have shopping malls, and we DO have Koregaon Park. But.... sure, we trek every day.

10. "Whoa, hold up a second. Pune has shopping malls?????"

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Nah, college kids usually just go to the banks of the Mula-Mutha river after class and make mud castles.


15. "Do you guys ever ease up on all the freakin' festivals?"

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You sound an awful lot like that one guy who always stays home and literally has no fun ever. Oh, wait... you ARE that one guy!!!!!

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