15 Hilarious Situations Everyone In A Family WhatsApp Group Can Relate To

    678 unread messages.

    1. As soon as your folks download WhatsApp, you know they're gonna make a family group.

    2. And you know you're going to be part of at least two groups. AT LEAST.

    3. At first it'll be quite amusing.

    4. But within a week, you'll get used to seeing around 678 unread messages every morning.

    5. And they'll send you message after message after message after message.

    6. Especially stuff you've seen many, many years ago.

    7. Don't be surprised if you get private messages asking why you haven't seen something on the group yet.

    8. And then you'll have to cook up a faux-enthusiastic response to not hurt their feelings.

    9. You'll quickly get tired of listening to your folks randomly murmuring on accidental voice notes.

    10. And some of the forwards can get really out of hand.

    11. So you'll start muting the group for a little while.

    12. Eventually you'll mute it for a year. And you'll probably turn off notifications too.

    13. But you'll soon miss it, and unmute it, because you know you'll miss the hilarity.

    14. And you'll find out that a "good morning" from some relative you've never heard of before isn't so bad after all.

    15. And before you know it, you'll be sending unbelievably terrible forwards yourself!

    Welcome to the family (group)!

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