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    This American Woman Just Showed Us How To Not Get Ripped Off By Rickshaws

    Now you know exactly what to do the next time the rickshaw-wallah refuses to use the meter.

    YouTube user Christine Fair uploaded this insanely funny video of what she did when a rickshaw driver tried to swindle her for some extra money.

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    Christine is a professor and author who has written extensively on South Asian politics, and according to her website, she can "cause trouble in multiple languages."

    Christine was in a rickshaw in Hyderabad when the rickshaw driver refused to charge her by the meter.

    Christine Fair / Via

    Christine explains (in surprisingly fluent Hindi) that the rickshaw driver refused to take her to the Charminar.

    Christine Fair / Via

    She hilariously goes on to say that she's got nothing to do, and she can sit in the rickshaw ALL DAY LONG.

    Christine Fair / Via

    She also offers to sing Bollywood songs to entertain anyone else who might want to hail the rickshaw.

    Christine Fair / Via

    Eventually, the hapless driver relents...

    Christine Fair / Via

    ...And he turns the meter on, which sucks because we were really getting into Christine's amazing performance.

    Christine Fair / Via

    But yay for Christine!

    20th Century Fox Television

    Now you know what to do the next time a rickshaw driver tries to rip you off.

    Shayan Roy / Via Christine Fair

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