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    This American Woman Just Showed Us How To Not Get Ripped Off By Rickshaws

    Now you know exactly what to do the next time the rickshaw-wallah refuses to use the meter.

    YouTube user Christine Fair uploaded this insanely funny video of what she did when a rickshaw driver tried to swindle her for some extra money.

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    Christine is a professor and author who has written extensively on South Asian politics, and according to her website, she can "cause trouble in multiple languages."

    Christine was in a rickshaw in Hyderabad when the rickshaw driver refused to charge her by the meter.

    Christine explains (in surprisingly fluent Hindi) that the rickshaw driver refused to take her to the Charminar.

    She hilariously goes on to say that she's got nothing to do, and she can sit in the rickshaw ALL DAY LONG.

    She also offers to sing Bollywood songs to entertain anyone else who might want to hail the rickshaw.

    Eventually, the hapless driver relents...

    ...And he turns the meter on, which sucks because we were really getting into Christine's amazing performance.

    But yay for Christine!

    Now you know what to do the next time a rickshaw driver tries to rip you off.

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