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Bengalis Can't Stop Taking Apart This Unintentionally Hilarious TV Show Trailer

*fake white people accent* "Boojhtay paaree-knee" – Every Bengali after watching this trailer.

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The trailer for Mem Bou, a new show by Bengali TV channel Star Jalsha, has been viewed over 1,00,000 times on Facebook in just one day.

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At the time of publishing this post, the Mem Bou trailer was also being widely shared, with nearly 600 Facebook shares.

Buuuuuuut the general sentiment is less "wow a nice TV show about generational conflict" and more "WHAT IN BLAZES IS THAT WHITE-BENGALI ACCENT CAROL."

Star Jalsha

Also that wig isn't fooling anyone, "Carol". IF THAT IS INDEED YOUR REAL NAME.


While the show is quite run-of-the-mill regional drama, the actress playing the wife breaks out into one of the most hilariously weird "foreign accents" ever.

Star Jalsha

I haven't even seen an episode yet and I'm like 94% sure Carol's real name is Kunjalata Chowdhury or something.