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    Megadeth Is In India And Their Trip Is Just Not Going According To Plan

    *throws guitar*

    Thrash metal legends Megadeth are currently in India, performing in four cities around the country.

    Terry Wyatt / Getty Images

    And so far, it looks like the trip is being really hard on Dave Mustaine and crew.

    Mark Metcalfe / Getty Images

    It started off okay...

    Wow! India is absolutely enchanting! Hellish travel day for 34 hours from Brisbane to Singapore to Kolkata to Shillong. Excited but tired!

    But you can sense the apprehension when he says, "The 10 day Indian trek starts."

    Yee haw! The 10 day Indian trek starts

    Granted, there was this cool towel swan thing waiting for him in his hotel room, which he was quite impressed by.

    But after a fan pointed out that it might actually be a goddamn King Cobra in disguise, everything changed.

    Now I will never get to sleep. .. :)

    He might need to get used to some things...

    Hey, Dave. Try some chicken biryani while you're here. You'll ditch all the cutlery. Guaranteed.

    The poor guy can't even use Periscope. :(

    And he's super confused by India's airline customs.

    I was just asked for my boarding pass to GET OFF of the plane in Kolkuta???!!!

    Speaking of customs, the band's show in Bengaluru later tonight has been thrown into jeopardy.

    Our gear has been held up at customs. We will be going on later than scheduled. It gonna be a late one.

    They aren't even entirely sure what time they're supposed to go on.

    That's odd...they told us we will start at ten. Maybe we are playing unplugged in the hotel lobby?

    This is so not metal.

    We were in the consulate at 10 am yesterday and didn't get our paperwork finished until 4:30.

    Last we heard, Mustaine and the band were still trying to get their gear released.

    Gotta split my Droogs, in case we can get our gear released. I am very sad that tonight may not happen. Please stay positive. I know I will

    Here's hoping the rest of their trip goes off without any more surprises. Megadeth is as \m/ as it gets, and we want them to keep coming back for more.

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