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Meet The First Indian Artist To Play At Coachella

B.R.E.E.D spoke to BuzzFeed India about his music, AC/DC and, obviously, his love for masala dosa.

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I started out playing solo, but now Tara (Mae) and I play as a duo. Years back, I was playing as DJ Nasha in India, and I always wanted to do something ahead of time. So now, Tara and I have developed our own sound, which is future-based, composition heavy, cutting edge kind of stuff. The journey has been crazy. It has mostly involved developing our own sound and our name for years, with a lot of travelling and touring. Never in my life did I think that one day, we would be playing Coachella. But we did. And we slammed it.
I think the album really helped. It created a big buzz on the West Coast for us. We put out all these tracks and people just ate it up. Earlier, we were doing a lot of what everyone was doing, but after we created our own sound, it gave us the push we needed on the international circuit.There was this other crazy moment when we were doing our soundcheck at Coachella. I could hear someone loudly playing Highway to Hell at 11 in the morning. When I asked who it was, someone said that's AC/DC doing their soundcheck! I've never mentioned this to anyone, but that moment was like, "WOW."
Well, we use a lot of exotic sounds. I like recording weird noises and sounds, including exotic south Indian sounds as well. In our new EP, we created sounds out of plastic bottles. We like using a lot of vocals that are pitched in varying octaves. And it is very melody heavy. A lot of people don't pay attention to the melody today.
Over there, it doesn't matter where you're from. The moment it is announced you're playing there, you know you've already impressed enough people to get there in the first place. So your nationality doesn't matter when you're at Coachella. It really was one of the best festivals we went to. People were really into the music.
Technology is all around us. What matters is how you use it. Do you want to take it forward and create something futuristic, or do you want to take it backwards and do something old school? I don't know where it will go, but at the end of the day, its all about how creative you are, and what you want to do with it.
I think its easier now. You know why? Because people can use anything from YouTube to Soundcloud to share their music. As long as your music is awesome. Look at Madeon. Look at Cashmere Cat. Look at Flume. All very young kids. But they're doing big things. At the end of it all, your music has to be great. There's only this far you can get with your connections and all that bullshit. But so as long as your music is good, it will take you places.
There's actually no formula to anything. In my opinion, you should learn music too. It is very important to have a sense of composition right now. I think the most important thing is to be different. Don't follow anyone, and try to create your own sound.Everyone's jumping trying to make EDM or whatever. When I first made my new sound, nobody got it in India. But everyone outside devoured it. I've always tried to be ahead of the game in India. Back in the day, my friends here thought I should make more EDM, give the people what they want. But today, they understand why I reached Coachella.