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    This Guy Is Petitioning For The Government Of India To Ban Vegetables On Bakr-Eid

    "Because plants have feelings too."

    Falah Faisal, a resident of Bengaluru, has started a hilarious petition, calling for the Government of India to ban vegetables on Bakr-Eid this year.

    Last week, the government imposed a ban on meat in several Indian cities, citing the Jain festival of Paryushan.

    In his petition, Faisal argues that if meat can be banned across the country due to dietary restrictions of any one religion, then surely the rules must apply to all, and the government can also ban vegetables on a day when Muslims choose to primarily eat meat from sacrificial animals.

    He makes some pretty... radical points.

    However, he was kind enough to invite everyone to his house to partake in some mutton biryani on the occasion.

    Faisal, who is also a film maker, has previously made a short film called India's Mother - A Moockumentary, a parody on the beef ban in India.

    Rest assured, this dude really likes his meat.

    Falah Faisal

    We're eagerly waiting to see how this pans out.

    Elizabeth Meriwether Pictures

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