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    A Guy Made His Students' Dreams Come True With This Amazing Quidditch Photoshoot


    Photographer Anshu Agarwal recently uploaded a series which involves children in a remote Uttarakhand village "playing" Quidditch, a sport every Harry Potter fan wishes was real.

    "I show the kids Harry Potter movies on Sundays," Agarwal told BuzzFeed India. "They once fantasised about being witches and wizards themselves."

    Kalap village is 210 kilometres away from Dehradun, the closest railway station. The children were filmed by Agarwal using the technique of levitation photography.

    "When I told them I could give them flying lessons, they were so excited they literally dragged me to the fields. It took four Sundays of hopping on a one-foot-high wooden bench to stash enough material for the final images. "

    "Carrying out the shoot was tough, but when I created the final pictures and showed them to the children, they yelled in amazement."

    "The satisfaction and sense of achievement I felt after roping in some magic into their lives can't be expressed in words," Agarwal added.

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