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    14 Sep 2016

    18 Pictures People Who Haven't Gone To College In India Will Never Understand

    Tell me those three magical words – LAGWA DI ATTENDANCE <3 <3 <3

    1. Getting used to seeing your name on the ATKT list, and being more fluent with the ATKT exam time table than your actual one.

    2. Cribbing about going to college on "presentation day", but not letting it hamper your desire to continue causing mischief on the premises.

    Nirali Shah / Via Nirali Shah

    3. Trying to figure out the complicated process of securing enough attendance to pass the semester.

    4. Having that one friend who would always, ALWAYS take care of your "proxy".

    5. This occasion being the most exciting night of your life at that point, because you got smashed AND it was paid for by the seniors.

    6. Getting to college with your flatmates every morning in highly illegal fashion.

    7. Going to the photocopy centre so many times that your house was basically wallpapered by the amount of notes you xeroxed.

    8. Going to the same tapri/stall outside college for a quick break.

    9. And getting your daily fix of street food between classes, because you were broke, but also because it was EFFIN' DELICIOUS.

    10. Freaking the hell out whenever you had to hustle because an assignment was due and you started late. So, every time.

    11. Getting rid of the after-effects of a night-time "beverage" binge with the trusty combination of chai and ANY other dish.

    12. Trying out the food in your college canteen in the first week to find out that they use the same masala in literally everything.

    13. Cribbing about how lame Rose Day was, but getting incredibly excited internally when your crush handed you a rose and some chocolates.

    14. Splitting the bill in the college canteen to the last rupee to make sure you don't overpay for your slice of pizza.

    15. Bunking the first class of the day so you and your buddies could go see a movie for cheap.

    16. Trying extra hard to look proper for the first few days, but mostly resorting to chappals and floaters for the rest of your college life.

    Gauri Pravishi

    17. Preparing for your college festival for ages so that it's always the best goddamn fest for miles to come.

    Nirali Shah

    18. And just not giving two shits about decorum during the compulsory fest after-party, going all out with the celebrations.

    Nirali Shah


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