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18 Pictures People Who Haven't Gone To College In India Will Never Understand

Tell me those three magical words – LAGWA DI ATTENDANCE <3 <3 <3

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1. Getting used to seeing your name on the ATKT list, and being more fluent with the ATKT exam time table than your actual one.

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5. This occasion being the most exciting night of your life at that point, because you got smashed AND it was paid for by the seniors.

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7. Going to the photocopy centre so many times that your house was basically wallpapered by the amount of notes you xeroxed.

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8. Going to the same tapri/stall outside college for a quick break.

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11. Getting rid of the after-effects of a night-time "beverage" binge with the trusty combination of chai and ANY other dish.

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14. Splitting the bill in the college canteen to the last rupee to make sure you don't overpay for your slice of pizza.