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    Kieron Pollard Just Pulled Off One Of Cricket's Most Bizarre Protests

    That must have hurt when he finally ripped it off.

    West Indies batsman Kieron Pollard pulled off a strange stunt while playing for Mumbai Indians against Royal Challengers Bangalore in a Pepsi IPL game last night.

    After Mumbai Indians posted a total of 209, Pollard walked up to RCB batsman and fellow countryman Chris Gayle to exchange a few words.

    Commentator Harsha Bhogle wondered whether it was simply friendly banter or a little more than just that.

    Umpire Vineet Kulkarni stepped in, and Kieron Pollard was visibly displeased with what he had to say.

    A few minutes later, Pollard ran on to the field with a piece of tape covering his mouth.

    Quite obviously, Pollard did this as a protest against whatever was told to him by the umpires.

    Thankfully, it brought a chuckle out of everyone, including the fans and commentators.

    Even the big-screen attendant chipped in with a joke.

    In the post-match press conference, Pollard's teammate Harbhajan Singh explained why it was all in good spirit.

    "The umpire told him to stay quiet," the spinner said. He also added that Kieron "is a bit of (a) character, and he likes doing things like that," suggesting that Pollard didn't intend for it to be a serious statement in any way.

    Way to go, Kieron.

    The gods of trollage bow down to you.

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