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    16 Indians Who Are Really Nailing This Life Thing

    It happens only in India.

    1. This guy who has no need to invest in exorbitant diving gear.

    Cesare Naldi / Via

    2. These guys who understand the importance of fast food.

    3. This guy who flummoxed everyone at the annual elephant convention.

    Samina Shahzad / Via

    4. This great dad.

    5. This guy who believes in the necessity of temperature regulation.

    6. This speed demon.

    7. This guy who is saving big bucks on his helmet budget.

    8. This guy who doesn't have time for expensive dance classes.

    9. These guys who are way too excited to get to the beach.

    10. This guy who is contributing heavily to God's Klout score.

    11. This girl who has figured out exactly how to deal with baggage.

    12. This parking expert.

    13. This guy whose ferry will never be attacked by a shark.

    14. This guy who isn't going home barefoot.

    15. This guy who doesn't buy into the whole mirror fad.

    16. And finally, desi Michael Phelps.

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