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11 Of The Most Disappointing Things Any Bengali Has Ever Experienced

What do you mean, you don't like maach?!!??!?!??!!?

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1. Whenever someone looks at a piece of fish like this.

Excel Entertainment

2. Jokes like these.


3. Whenever some uncouth beast finds it acceptable to have a rasgulla without the goddamn ras.

4. Any sentence which begins with these words.

5. Any meal that is utterly and unabashedly bhaat-less.

6. This unfortunate comparison. / Via Shayan Roy

7. This unacceptable query.

8. This disappointing attempt at flirtation.

Shayan Roy / Via Pathikrit Sanyal

9. The unmitigated disaster that is running out of kasundi.


10. This unspeakable possibility.


11. And this casual heresy.

RAVEENDRAN/AFP / Getty Images / Via @EccentricFella

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