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ATTENTION: Aziz Ansari Is Chilling In India

Please tell me he's checking out locations for Season 2 of Master of None.

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Just so you should know, Master of None star and overall best guy ever Aziz Ansari is currently in India.

Instagram: @azizansari

He doesn't seem to have announced this trip on social media or in interviews or anything. HE JUST SHOWED UP.

He uploaded these 3 Instagrams at around 11 p.m. Monday night, out of the goddamn blue.

The first one is captioned: "Finally back in India! Lots of Indian people here."

According to the actor's Instagram, he's currently roaming around Trivandrum, offering his impeccable hosting services to local bodybuilding competitions.

Instagram: @azizansari

Captioned: "I am available to host this Indian bodybuilding championship please contact my people. Thanks."

While we hope he's scoping locations for Season 2 of Master of None, the only thing we know for sure is that Ansari can't get over this guy's tea-making technique.

Instagram: @azizansari

Captioned: "Tea. Look at that technique!"

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