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15 Indian Photographers You Must Follow On Instagram Right Now

I'd double-tap that.

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1. Satyarth Shaurya Singh

This New Delhi filmmaker likes experimenting with symmetry, and the results are sublime.

2. Arati Kumar-Rao

This environmental photographer has a knack for capturing striking images of rural India.

3. Siddhartha Joshi

Siddhartha has his own unique way of capturing the intricacies of life in India.

4. Hashim Badani

You don't get your photos featured in Lonely Planet magazine just like that.

5. Prashin Jagger

Apart from clicking striking images of city life, Prashin is also really good at concert photography.

6. Nirvair Singh Rai

Very few Instragammers can capture the chaotic beauty of India's monsoons quite like this guy.

7. Harshvardhan Kadam

This Pune-based artist mainly uses his Instagram to click amazing examples of street art.

8. Richa Nag

Richa's amazing wedding photography skills will give you all the feels.

9. Samar Singh Virdi

This young Chandigarh filmmaker really knows how to play around with perspective.

10. Ravi Choudhary

This photojournalist's Instagram is basically a wonderful collection of the different people of India.

11. Nameeta Prakash

Sunsets never looked this good.

12. Chandan Khanna

His images capturing the struggles of people in India are extremely striking.

13. Mitesh Nathani

Mitesh's Instagram is the place to go if you're a fan of old Indian architecture and sprawling landscapes.

14. Vivek Soni

Vivek has a great eye for photography, but doesn't mind having fun with some photo manipulation either.

15. Tanmay Bhahulekar

As the handle suggests, his Instagram is all about food, and it will leave you ravenous.