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    11 Times The Indian Internet Literally Had Zero Chill

    Do yoga.

    1. These guys who could teach Rose a thing or two about space management.

    Twitter: @Sand_In_Deed

    2. This retort that will literally take your breath away.

    3. Bakht.

    r/indianpeoplefacebook / Via

    4. This guy who needs to stop being so... sirious.

    r/indianpeoplefacebook / Via

    5. This piercing gaze that looks right into your soul.

    r/indianpeoplefacebook / Via

    6. This compulsive eater.

    r/indianpeoplefacebook / Via

    7. This guy who's punching waaaaaaaaaay above his weight.

    r/indianpeoplefacebook / Via

    8. This assassin.

    9. This early morning selfie.

    And this late night one.

    Facebook: KRK.Kamaalkhan

    10. This altruistic act of self-improvement.

    11. And of course, Darsheel.

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