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    Posted on 24 Sep 2015

    16 Incredible Superpowers Every Indian Parent Has

    Seriously, how do they do it?

    1. Heightened olfactory senses, which they use to detect the smell of cigarettes on your clothes the moment you enter home.

    JusReign / Via

    2. An all-encompassing knowledge of various interrogation techniques. Sometimes, a stare is enough.

    Yash Raj Films

    3. The uncanny ability to be a human lie-detector.

    Imaan Sheikh / Via Dharma Productions

    4. Impeccable expertise in the field of medicine, through which they can whip up the most bitter of remedies at a moment's notice.

    JusReign / Via

    5. The power to make you stay at home on a Saturday night, either with the help of some debilitatingly delicious food...

    6. ... Or the hard way.

    Basically, the story of my life #indianparents

    7. The power to hear you talking to bae at 2 a.m. although bae can barely hear you whispering.

    JusReign / Via

    8. The skill to deceive anyone at the slightest notice without batting an eyelid.

    Tanya Constantine / Getty Images

    9. Expert marksmanship, which they master after years and years of practice.

    495 Productions / Via

    10. When you're heading home, they have an inbuilt GPS system to detect where you've reached, aided by adorably frantic calls every five minutes.

    11. The power to hit you where it hurts with the gift of sarcasm.

    our cute desi parents😙 #desiparents #sarcastic #lovethem #pakistanithing

    12. Charming social skills which they use to blend in with the crowd, not unlike a top notch spy.

    13. The unique power to bargain their way into an amazing discount. Whenever necessary.

    BuzzFeed India / Via Imaan Sheikh

    14. The extremely important ability to terminate even the deepest of slumbers.

    BuzzFeed India / Via Pathikrit Sanyal

    15. The faculty to encourage even the most dejected of hearts with their fiery words of inspiration.

    If Sharmaji ka beta can do it, you can do it too #IndianParents

    16. And the power to predict the future.

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