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These Vines Will Change The Way You Look At The Indian Premier League

Good old MTV VJ José is now a Vine star.

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Lately, everyone's favourite VJ José has been making some videos on the ongoing IPL, and they are gold.

José, or Hoezaay, uploads the videos on Vine and Facebook.

Facebook: video.php

He offers some very good insights as to what goes on during an IPL match.

Facebook: video.php

Like how hot the players must be feeling when the spotlight is on them.

Or what happens when you're watching a match with your folks and the cheerleaders show up on screen.

Facebook: video.php

Hoezaay loves doing whatever he can to help.

He's always looking out for the players, on and off the field.

And he obviously gets along well with everyone. Especially Ashish Nehra.

We're just going to leave you with this video of Hoezaay doing the Macarena with an umpire.

Facebook: video.php

Thank you, Hoezaay!