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An ode.

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That's all I gemuinely want.

And I'm sure the gemeral public would agree.

It is safe to say that Gems is loved universally across every gemder.

And across every gemeration.

It is so smooth and gemtle on the tongue.

And so much better than all those other gemeric candies in the market.

It is on my mind when I'm stuck in a long, boring traffic gem. / BuzzFeed India

I think I eat way too many Gems, but that's okay. I'll shed the excess weight in the gemnasium. / BuzzFeed India

Obviously, my favourite F.R.I.E.N.D was Gemmifer Aniston. OBVIOUSLY.

Warner Bros. Television/ Karima Khan

I think about it when I'm blowing up all my money on a tropical vacation to Gemaica. / BuzzFeed India

Bet Kylie Gemmer would love it too if she got her hands on some.

Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images / Via Karima Khan

And LeBron Gems would straight up quit his basketball career if he ever ate some.

EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP / GettyImages / Via Karima Khan

So please be gemerous and send some Gems my way.

It signifies a moment of confectionary gemius.

BuzzFeed India

It makes my gemitals tingle with joy.


Andrea Cristaldi / Via


NBC / Via