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15 Pictures That'll Get You Really, Really Excited For The Monsoons

Pakoras never tasted this good.

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1. There is no better way to bring in the monsoon than with a hot cup of chai as you look out the window.

2. And of course, the enchanting and pleasant smell of the earth that accompanies the first rains.

3. Sure, the rain might sometimes make it impossible to leave home, but just sit back and enjoy the view.

4. And a steaming hot plate of pakoras by your side won't hurt either.

5. Seriously, though, venturing outside during the monsoons has a charm of its own.

6. Remember how you used to make paper boats as a kid during the monsoon? Why did we ever stop that?

7. Whenever it isn't raining, going out for an evening stroll is the most relaxing thing ever.

8. It's probably the best time of the year to connect with all the nature around you.

9. The joy of spotting a rainbow is a common one during the monsoons, but it never gets old, does it?

10. And if you're lucky, you'll happen to chance upon one of these beautiful creatures!

13. Go out for a long drive with your best friends...

15. ...Or just take advantage of the most bewitching season of the year and its picture perfect moments.