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11 Guys Who Shouldn't Have Got That Haircut

Now you wait for it to grow back.

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1. This stickler for detail.

2. This oompa loompa.

3. Leslie.

WTF Leslie.

WTF Leslie.

4. This guy who should be expecting a hand-shaped mullet anytime now.

Manjunath Kiran/AFP / Getty Images

5. This fan of..... Golf?

6. Shah Rukh.

WTF Neeraj.
@Amir_smiling / Via

WTF Neeraj.

7. This guy.


8. This procrastinator.

9. Ravindra.

WTF Ravindra.

WTF Ravindra.

10. This guy who got his handlebar all wrong.

11. And Chutiya.

Kanti Shah / Via