Indian Redditors Responded PERFECTLY To A College's Alleged List Of Bizarre Rules For Females

    No talking to boys, no Facebook, and ESPECIALLY "no banyan cloth type pant".

    Last night, this image of a circular allegedly issued for the female students of Sri Sairam Engineering College in Chennai started doing the rounds online.

    Dr. K. Maran, a professor at the college, spoke to BuzzFeed India and denied having issued these rules, adding that "there is no seal on the circular. It was not issued by us, and we are planning to file a complaint of cyber crime against the miscreants."

    However, a student of the college who passed out this year told us that it is likely the circular was indeed issued by the administration, adding that such rules are passed out often.

    The image of the circular was soon uploaded by a Reddit user to the subreddit /r/india.

    And the users of /r/india went to town with it.

    The sarcasm just kept on coming.

    Even when things got a little out of hand and the numbering went berserk.

    A user claiming to be a former student of the institute even started a new thread stating that everything that was mentioned in the alleged circular was true.

    Although the college authorities have stated that this circular was not issued by them, the fact that it seems so believable to a lot of people is alarming in itself.

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