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This Inspiring Short Film Will Make You Very Proud Of India's Differently Abled Athletes

The film will be showcased at the Special Olympics in Los Angeles later this month.

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Filmmakers Monika Kathuria and Praful Tyagi have released this uplifting short film, highlighting why we should treat those with special needs equally.

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The video features Praveen Chaudhary, who was diagnosed as a slow learner but is a national gold medalist in football and athletics...

Monika Kathuria / Via

... And Snehil Nagpal, who is autistic, and is a national champion at rollerskating,

Monika Kathuria / Via

The short film has been selected for screening at the 2015 Special Olympics World Summer Games in Los Angeles, starting later this month.

Monika Kathuria / Via

Monika told BuzzFeed India that she intends to secure funding for a longer film documenting such athletes.

Monika Kathuria / Via

Her ultimate goal is to bring about a change to the existing mindset of society, so that people like Praveen and Snehil can be perceived as much more than just "intellectually disabled".

Monika Kathuria / Via

After all, they have proven that their achievements, and not their disabilities, define who they really are.

Monika Kathuria / Via

And despite every setback, they're making India really, really proud.

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