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    4 Aug 2015

    25 Things You Definitely Remember If You Grew Up Desi

    I'll be damned if I ever find a box of butter cookies that aren't full of sewing supplies.

    1. This pressure.

    #GrowingUpDesi when mom makes you talk to your relatives πŸ˜’

    2. This goddamn deception.

    The disappointment you felt every time you opened up this box for cookies but found sewing supplies.. #GrowingUpDesi

    3. This eternal bone of contention.

    #growingupdesi Deciding who pays the bill at a resteraunt

    4. This universal truth.

    #growingupdesi SRK and Kajol were your first otp

    5. This unnecessary sign of respect.

    #growingupdesi #growingupindian Refusing money from Aunty at least 50 times before accepting it

    6. This unparalleled sense of satisfaction.

    7. This necessary evil.

    Eating biriyani and biting into one of these tho 😭😭😭😭 #growingupdesi

    8. This face.

    #growingupdesi when your relatives come over and they ask u if u remember them and your just like

    9. This everyday reminder of how poor your khandan is.

    #growingupdesi seeing theese dramas on your tv EYERY SINGLE DAY 😩

    10. This chatpata overdose.

    Having an addiction to Hajmola. Lol #growingupdesi

    11. This dreaded moment of beizzati...

    #GrowingUpDesi when you @ a family gathering & all the aunties start questioning you about /every/thing

    12. ... And this rare moment of triumph.

    #growingupdesi when you about to hit your aunties with all the facts

    13. This regular workout.

    #GrowingUpDesi When your mom threatened you with the "tumhari baap ko ghar aney do"

    14. This eternal struggle.

    #GrowingUpDesi When you're telling a joke to your parents, and it turns into a lecture and you just look at them like

    15. This blessing.

    #GrowingUpDesi We've all tried this πŸ’ͺπŸ½πŸ˜‚

    16. This sight of perfection.

    #growingupdesi this was THE soul food

    17. This unique opportunity for some masti.

    18. This flawless method of matrimony.

    #GrowingUpDesi When the fate of your relationship was decided by this :D

    19. This crippling fear.

    20. This early onset of jugaad.

    21. This pre-bathing ritual.

    #GrowingUpDesi being forced to put this on before a shower

    22. This indicator of free cake.

    When your having a party... #GrowingUpDesi

    23. This mandatory practice.

    When all your remotes are covered in plastic wrap #GrowingUpDesi #GrowingUpPakistani

    24. This unachievable health standard.

    25. And this. Of course.

    #growingupdesi your parents tell you to study even in the summertime

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