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27 Images That Are Painfully Relatable To Anyone In Mumbai Right Now

Dear Sun, chill maro. Sincerely, Mumbaikar.

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1. Is it hot in Mumbai or WHAT?!

Dear Sun, Chill madi. Sincerely, Mumbaikar #Mumbai #Summer

3. And people in the city are really beginning to feel the heat.

Mumbai boiling in extreme heat ! Real feel 47 degrees #MumbaiHeat #Mumbai #summer #sweating


9. When the moment you step out of your house, you're getting deep-fried AF?!?!?!!1!!1!!!1

10. Seriously, it is time to start carrying your air-conditioning units around...

17. This man is trying to distract himself from the heat with some celeb spotting.

Get the hell outta this heat and finish the damn book, George.


22. This guy may have stumbled upon a seriously profitable business proposition.

Have your bread toasted for free if you keep it out in this #weather, 41° already & May is yet to come. #MumbaiHeat


25. And this guy either needs a new phone or a new shirt.

27. Thank god for small mercies.