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Two Comedians Hilariously Snapchatted Themselves Procrastinating For 2 Days

Same, guys. Same.

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Over the last couple of days, comedians Kenny Sebastian and Naveen Richard got together to write some new material.

Kenny Sebastian
Naveen Richard

Unfortunately, they didn't seem to get very far. Fortunately (for us), they're both on Snapchat.

Kenny Sebastian
Naveen Richard

Which means that they Snapchatted pretty much everything they did instead of writing.

I asked them to send some of the videos my way, because such inane hilarity deserves to live longer than just 24 hours.

They tried to get themselves up and about with a nice, warm cup of tea...

But if anything at all, it only made things worse.

They tried to get each other's creative juices with some intellectual conversation...

...But it didn't work.

They even went out to get some ice-cream.

But that too, didn't end very well.

They also did... whatever this is.

Eventually, they resorted to calling each other out for not writing, which is what I also do when I don't get shit done.

If you too, are a fan of procrastination, follow these hilarious dudes on Snapchat, at @naveen.richard and @knowkenny, respectively.

And if you want tips on getting shit done, follow someone else.