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Chris Martin Just Had The Most Amazing Four Days In India And We're All Really Jealous

India misses you already, Chris. #FlightsWillGuideYouHome

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In case you missed it, Coldplay's Chris Martin has been in New Delhi for the last four days and he seems to have had a baller time.

He landed in India on Tuesday and had a ridiculously busy week planned as an ambassador for the Global Poverty Project.

He landed in India on Tuesday and had a ridiculously busy week planned as an ambassador for the Global Poverty Project.

But he got to do a lot of other stuff too, and that makes us very, very jealous.

On Wednesday, him and Slumdog Millionaire megastar Freida Pinto visited Delhi's Kalyanpuri slum.

Global Poverty Project

And did we tell you that he also got to meet Delhi's Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal?!/1/?!!

.@ArvindKejriwal met lead singer of @Coldplay Chris Martin along with @BecauseImFreida and other members of @GlblCtzn



That night, he went to dinner with Pinto and a crew of Indian celebrities, including composer Vishal Dadlani, actress Freida Pinto and comedians All India Bakchod.

Twitter: @thetanmay


And what do the world's biggest rockstars do to digest a lavish Indian meal? Just casually go play a set somewhere, apparently.

It wasn't an event. We were at a dinner together, and he just went 'let's go play somewhere'! And, boom! @karshkalemusic

So, yup. Chris just walked into a Delhi bar on a Wednesday night and gave its patrons the best f*ckin' night of their lives by performing three songs.

Facebook: video.php

And yes, it was as beautiful as you’re imagining it to be.


He also got to hear famous Indian musician Raghu Dixit jam, and we're totally not jealous of anyone who was also in the room at that point.

Last night I got to hear Raghu Dixit, Vishal Dadlani & AIB. We had a @GlblCtzn meeting and it was so inspiring. CM


The next day, Chris met up with the good folks at Oxfam India, for whom Chris is a global ambassador.

Oxfam India is working towards putting an end to poverty and injustice.

And they, too, got an amazing Chris Martin performance to remember for the rest of their lives.

Chris and Oxfam India met the people of Madanpur Khadar, whose main source of income is picking up trash.

…sorting through trash. There are great people trying to ensure that all the kids go to some kind of school. CM 2/2

And then he CAAAAASUUUALLLLYYYYY hung out with the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. #SquadGoals

Met representatives of Global Poverty Project.


Chris is scheduled to leave today, but in just four days, he managed to have the ULTIMATE trip to Delhi.

So, how was your week?