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    A Ranking Of The Top 25 Childhood Snacks Which Literally Every Indian Kid Loved

    A totally legit study.

    25. Eclairs

    Wikimedia Commons / http://s_Eclairs.jpg">

    Eclairs, you did a great job, but do you know how many dentists you have made rich? Bet you don't, because you're just a deliciously sticky toffee.

    24. Lay's

    Stork / Via

    I loved whatever 20% of the packet was filled with chips. Hated paying for the air, though.

    23. Cheetos

    Let's be real. Once they stopped giving out the tazos, it kinda lost its appeal. Sorry, Chester.

    22. Pan Pasand

    @thespicescribe / Via

    This candy would be higher up the list if it weren't for that goddamn vampire style reddening of your mouth.

    21. Chocobar

    Chocobar was amazing. But everyone knows the choco crust was too damn thin and all those white blotches on my clothes didn't make mum too happy.

    20. Piknik

    Simple tomato-chilli goodness that everyone loved.

    19. Kismi Bar

    The only bar of toffee that made elaichi taste so good.

    18. Crax

    They fit around your finger and made you look like Mr. T before you shoved them into your mouth. Brownie points for accessibility.

    17. Melody

    Nobody really knows why it's so chocolatey, though. Just been eating the damn toffee for years, still no answer.

    16. Cornetto

    That big chunk of chocolate right at the bottom of the cone was the best surprise of all time.

    15. Poppins


    Didn't have holes like Polo.

    14. Polo

    Had holes.

    13. Kellogg's Chocos

    Chocos was supposed to increase my milk intake. The only thing it increased was my Chocos intake.

    12. Mango Bite

    If you loved mangoes as a kid, this was your lord and saviour for all those dreary, mango-less months of the year.

    11. Top Ramen

    Top Ramen. Delightful, soupy and spicy. Overshadowed by a large Maggi shaped shadow, but still a freakin' star.

    10. Coffy Bite

    Coffee Bite and stomach ache went hand in hand because I can't recall any time I ever had less than ten of these at one go.

    9. Cheeselings

    Namaste Plaza / Via


    8. Peppy

    Both the tomato discs and cheese balls were amazing. And they didn't flake out on filling up the packet like Lay's. Those packs were literally filled to the brim.

    7. Nutties

    Indian Gifts Portal / Via

    Tiny little chocolate balls filled with goodness and chocolate. And nuts.

    6. Pepsi Colas

    MehtaWorld / Via

    The most delightful thing an Indian kid in the 90s could buy for one single rupee.

    5. Uncle Chipps

    The most masaaledar of all the potato wafers out there. Hands down. Also that amazing jingle didn't hurt.

    4. Little Hearts

    Sometimes when I see Little Hearts in a shop these days, my mind goes back to simpler times. I cry. Then I buy. Then I eat. Then I smile.

    3. Gems

    Telugu One / Via


    2. Maggi

    Kukuchku / Via

    The noodles may have taken a beating due to recent allegations, but when it came to universally loved snacks, Maggi would always.... lead the way.

    1. Phantom Sweet Cigarettes

    iFood / Via

    It was the sweetest shit on earth, AND the elders freaked out when they saw you with one. Bloody perfect.

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