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    17 Signs Your Friend Needs A WhatsApp Intervention

    You need to send this to your friend if they've done any of the following.

    1. Whenever you wake up in the morning, your phone looks like this.

    2. They are literally always online.

    3. Which means that if you've seen their message, they're eagerly waiting for you to reply to it with utmost haste.

    4. Their forwards are getting more and more insane by the day.

    5. Every joke they tell you in person is actually a WhatsApp forward they sent earlier.

    6. They make a group for every damn thing imaginable.

    7. And their idea of a joke is changing the name of the group multiple times, just because they can.

    8. They have, at some point, said LOL or OMG out loud IN REAL LIFE.

    9. They think sending voice notes throughout the day is a better way to communicate than actually calling someone.

    10. They have, at some point, asked you to "forward this message to 10 people or you will die in 24 hours."

    11. They change their display picture and status more frequently than you bat an eyelid.

    12. And they IMMEDIATELY compliment you on a "nice DP", the moment you change yours.

    13. Which means that they're basically spending their time endlessly scrolling through their WhatsApp contacts.

    14. They have actually called you via WhatsApp and it was *on purpose*.

    15. They use the same Emoji at least 5 times in a row.

    16. Whenever you go out with them, they're still on WhatsApp.

    17. And they never fail to severely chastise anyone who isn't on WhatsApp already.

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