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    6 Oct 2015

    This Beautiful Poem Will Resonate With Anyone Living In A Place They Aren't From

    "I wish... I too had hills to set free, and a land to call my own."

    Belonging is a poem by Chandrajit Bose, a professor at Durama College in Meghalaya, and was recently featured by the online magazine Raiot. Bose, a Bengali by birth, speaks of residing in the beautiful city of Shillong in Northeast India, and the alienation often experienced by a non-native resident.

    The poet gave BuzzFeed India permission to recreate the poem, which will resonate with everyone who makes a different land their home.

    Dinesh Babu / Via Flickr: din3sh
    Satish Krishnamurthy / Via Flickr: unlistedsightings
    Sarit Arora / Via Flickr: sarit_arora
    Mitwa AV / Via Flickr: 1778
    Draconian Rain / Via Flickr: draconianrain
    Hrishikesh Sharma / Via Flickr: 136306594@N04
    Masrur Ashraf / Via Flickr: maa7

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