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19 Real Problems Every Desi Boy Faces Growing Up

WAY too much "beizzati" to be worried about.

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1. When you let your mother pick out your wardrobe.

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2. When nobody gives you the talk about the birds and the bees and you have to rely on your friend's expert knowledge.

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3. When you're talking to a girl and your neighbour catches you in the act.

Emmanuel Dunand / Via

4. When your relatives ask you what you are doing with your life.

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5. When you get into a traffic altercation and you have to show your worth as a man.

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6. When electronics go bust in your house and you're expected to magically know how to fix everything.

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7. When you go to a wedding and that cute girl you were staring at turns out to be your cousin.

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8. When you come back from hitting the gym and your mom has cooked your favourite dishes.

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9. When your parents hang all of your most embarrassing photos around the house.

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10. When your parents enter the room without knocking at any given time of day.

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11. When a girl comes over and you're constantly looking at the clock to see when your folks are coming back.

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12. When you don't manscape and there are glorious tufts of hair sticking out of your shirt.

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13. When you leave the house in a sleek white shirt but you reach school in a sweaty, nipple exposing, translucent excuse of a shirt.

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14. When you're out at the club trying to be mysterious, but instead you give off pervy vibes.

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15. When you're hanging out with ten guy friends and one girl friend. #genderratioproblems

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16. When everyone in your class smells like Axe Deodorant (chocolate flavour, obviously). And so do you.

Munir Uz Zaman / Via

17. When you tell your parents that you want to do Arts instead of Science.

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18. When your dad asks you why the internet history has been wiped clean.

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19. And finally, when you're having an off day playing cricket and are therefore ostracized by all your building friends.

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