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Vennu Mallesh Probably Has The Fiercest Online Fan Base Of All Time

Hope you're not a hellwisher.

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First off, if you're not aware of Vennu Mallesh, dishonour on you and your cow.

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THIS is Vennu Mallesh.

Two years ago, he became a YouTube star with his song, "It's My Life", and he hasn't looked back since.

He do whatever he wanna do.

Turns out, Vennu Mallesh's fans are as ferocious as his pelvic thrusting skills.

They're such big fans of Vennu's that their entire lives could be ruined because of him and THEY DON'T CARE.

They don't give a shit if loving Vennu ruins their relationships because THIS LOVE IS REAL.

But just as much as Vennu's revolutionary music can destroy your lives...

...they can also heal.

They even support Vennu through his lesser moments.

And God help you if you're a "hellwisher".

Hellwisher = Vennu Hater.

Hellwisher = Vennu Hater.

Because his fans will eat you alive.

They support Vennu through thick and thin.

Even when he wants to be a kids lover.

And even when he's accused of copying Michael Jackson's music.

Because Vennu Mallesh is the real King.

So Justin can have his Beliebers...

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

...and 1D can have their Directioners...

Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

...but ain't no fandom as fierce as Vennu's "Demalleshers."

You heard it here first.