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15 Things You Can Buy In Bulk RIGHT NOW To Feel Like A Goddamn Adult

An essential guide to tricking your mum into thinking you're all grown up now.

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1. This 18-piece pack of seal clips to keep your munchies fresh (₹189).

Promising Review: "Have been using it for days. It comes in three different sizes. Also, it comes in three different colours. It seals the bags well and avoids leakage in and out." - Amazon Customer

Get it here for ₹189.

2. A set of 50 sachets of this herbal extract tea which fights cold and cough, and builds your immunity (₹350).

Promising Review: "This might be shipped from abroad but works like a charm if you have a cold / cough or at the start it'll help remove the cold and cough completely." - Nalin

Get it here for ₹350.

3. This set of 180 garbage bags for all the trash in your life (₹360).

Promising Review: "The bags are decently big enough, and fit the 15 litre dustbin I bought almost like a glove. The bags are delivered in multiple rolls. I think I received six, totalling 180 bags." - Sen

Get it here for ₹360.


4. This 8-pack of toilet paper, so that you never have to suffer a breakdown on the pot again (₹506).

Promising Review: Very comfortable to use, highly resistant to tears during actual use (being 3-ply and made of pure cellulose) and because of this resistance, one requires fewer pulls. - Trilochan Rao Guntaka

Get it here for ₹506.

7. This 3kg pack of dog food that'll keep your pupper smiling at all times (₹484).

Promising Review: "I have given pedigree chicken and vegetable to my dog during his adult years, along with home vegetarian food and this combo has worked well for him." - Karmic Voice

Get it here for ₹484.


8. This 5-piece plastic container set that'll convince your mom you're grown up now (₹104).

Promising Review: " Got this for 82 bucks. And the quality is unbelievably good for the price. Yes , it's small just as mentioned. But that's okay since my mom wanted small containers." - Riya

Get it here for (₹104).

9. These adjustable, rechargeable mini lights that come in sets of four (₹169).

Promising Review: "The sticks are bendable enough and last quite well. The power consumption is minimal and the LEDs are bright enough." - Naman Singhania

Get it here for ₹169.

11. This 6-piece set of PET fridge bottles that'll give your kitchen that "adult" look (₹139).

Promising Review: "Very satisfied with these bottles. Very light weight, but hardy. The water does not get any plastic odour or smells." - Sourav S.

Get it here for ₹139.


12. 20 reusable cable ties so that you never encounter a torn or tangled cable ever again (₹799).

Promising Review: "The product is good - not exceptionally good, but decent. The major letdown for me was the price tag." - Nikhil Joseph Sebastian

Get it here for (₹799).

14. This 4kg packet of washing powder that'll keep your clothes clean for ages (₹479).

Promising Review: "Cleans fabric very well. I'm a 13-year-old customer of Surf Excel and I attest to how well it does the job." - Budget Shopper

Get it here for ₹479.

Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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