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15 Pictures Everyone In Mumbai Is All Too Familiar With

You'll need a vada pav and some cutting chai to get through this.

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1. This weather forecast.

I added Mumbai to my weather forecast last week, but never expected the sort of descriptive conditions you get:

2. This picture, which everyone has clicked while driving on the Bandra–Worli Sea Link, no matter what the weather.

You can't complain much once you get on the #sealink in #Mumbai #MumbaiRains #MumbaiTraffic

3. A mandatory image of oneself on Marine Drive, which EVERYONE has, despite what they might tell you.

4. This foolproof money-making scheme.

RT @Anu_rc: For unemployed 'Malls' .. lol.. #Mumbai realy its funny na?:-)

5. The rare moment of exultation when you hail a rickshaw on your very first attempt.

Aaj #Mumbai mein 'Rickshaw Bandh-an' manaya jaa raha hai 😜 #RickshawStrike #Rickshaw Karo Bhagwan!

6. And the unexpectedly sassy messages from your rickshaw driver.

A message written in #rickshaw in #Mumbai #Warning for couples boarding this rickshaw

7. The old "bumper to bumper to bumper to bumper" whenever you decide to take your car to work.

This #eduactedfool tried to beat the traffic by coming from wrong side. It caused 45 mins of jam #mumbai #traffic

8. And the old "Amitabh Bachchan ghar se nikal raha hai," if you have the misfortune of crossing Juhu in the evenings.

Amitabh Bachchan Increases Security Outside His Home Jalsa @SrBachchan @juniorbachchan

9. This advertising campaign.

'Beanbags' Mystery Solved - - via r/mumbai

10. This organised queueing system.

Evening peak hour crowd at Mumbai CST yesterday as it rained and flooded. Pic by Hemant P. @dna #MumbaiLocal

11. And the impending World War Z moment.

Commuting in Mumbai, India #anglala #TheTwist @mellow947

12. The fear that the Mumbai monsoon is going to wash over every damn thing you know and love.

13. This annual occurrence of the roads metamorphosing into rivers.

Linking road is my favourite river of all time. #MumbaiRains

14. The moment where you realize you'll get home faster by swimming.

15. And this one simple joy which can fix pretty much anything.

@WeAreMumbai Indian Burger i.e.Vada pav and cutting chai. Best combination #MumbaiDelicacies