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21 Things Indians Will Sorely Miss About The Cricket World Cup

You did good, boys. You did good.

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1. Indians pretty much turning every ground in Australia into their home ground.

Scott Barbour / Getty Images

2. Every office without a television looking something like this on match days.

Office when everyone works from home because their kids and moms are sick.

3. And every office with a television looking something like this on match days.

4. This guy just coolly standing behind the wickets and marshalling the troops like NBD.

Saeed Khan/ AFP / Getty Images

5. Indians painting every body part to show their devotion. INCLUDING THEIR EYES.

Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

6. This guy breaking opposition hearts and melting fan's hearts at the same time.


7. This guy stunning rival batsmen with his blistering pace.

Who says Indian pacers don't have speed?
Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

Who says Indian pacers don't have speed?

8. Indians trying to be all stoic when the team isn't doing too well...

Manjunath Kiran/ AFP / Getty Images

9. ...but going absolutely buckwild whenever Dhoni hits a six!

Scott Barbour / Getty Images

10. This guy being the one India needed on more occasions than one.

Ryan Pierse / Getty Images

11. The ridiculous memes that made the World Cup even more fun.

Thank you, internet.
BuzzFeed India

Thank you, internet.

12. This guy proving that Indian bowlers swing it as well as anyone else in the world.

Michael Bradley/ AFP / Getty Images

13. This guy rising to the occasion when India needed it most.

Quinn Rooney / Getty Images

14. This guy beguiling hapless batsman with his spin bowling, time and again.

Quinn Rooney / Getty Images

15. Every logical Indian resorting to all sorts of absurd superstitions to get their team to do well.

@Paytm #mycrickettotka i watch complete match wearing my lucky towel.

16. The excitement of facing Pakistan in a World Cup match.

And winning it. Obviously.
Scott Barbour / Getty Images

And winning it. Obviously.

17. The look on bowler's faces every time this guy got going.

Robert Cianflone / Getty Images

18. Usually reserved family members turning into maniacs once World Cup mania hit fever pitch.

Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

19. This guy... just being his usual self.

Paul Kane / Getty Images

20. This fan.

Best fan ever.

Best fan ever.

21. And most of all, we'll miss these guys.

Star Sports / Via

No more mauka mauka? :'(