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13 Times Indian Pranksters Took Things Waaaaaayyyyyy Too Far

Sometimes Indians do really weird shit.

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1. When someone decided a bloody corpse coming to life in a dance studio was a fantastic idea.

Funk You / Via

2. When this dude went all "Alien" on a hapless hitchhiker.


3. When this guy made everyone around him do a double take.

Troubleseeker Team / Via

4. When this kid thought telling his dad he impregnated a girl would earn him brownie points.

CatastropheTV / Via

It didn't.

5. When this optimist dressed up for a wedding first, and then went out looking for a prospective bride.

The Short Kuts / Via

6. When this man got down on all fours trying to smell every dude he met.

TroubleSeeker Team / Via

7. When some fake instructors taught a whole bunch of dancers the wrong routine.

Funk You / Via

8. When this kid tried to convince confused passersby that he was a stripper because... I don't even know.

Rishabh Rai / Via

9. When this guy straight up pretended to have been sniped from long range.

iDiOTUBE / Via

10. When this stalwart showed off the perfect technique of the good old "fart and run".

Troubleseeker Team / Via

11. When these dudes went all balls out and staged a robbery in a freakin' elevator of all places.

Prankbaaz / Via

12. When this lady decided the lift was a great place to channel her inner warrior princess.

VibesAndSmiles / Via

13. And when this baller ghost floated around scaring people on a hoverboard for no good reason whatsoever.

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