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Why Your Mom Is The Best Friend You'll Ever Have.

Moms are the greatest. They're actually better than any friend you've ever and will ever have, and here's why.

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Mother's Day is fast approaching. The day where people buy flowers, go to brunch, and celebrate the woman who raised them. I love Mother's Day - mostly because I really love my mom, and any excuse to celebrate her awesome-ness is fine by me.

I will admit, I am one of those girls who is obsessed with their mom. I appreciate how fun, talented, beautiful, and incredibly smart she is. I like to think I know everything I know because she taught me. I also love to make fun of her endlessly, because she is my best friend.

Like, my for real, better than any friend I've ever had best friend.

And I think that's cause for celebration. So, let's celebrate the amazing women who raised us in the way that millenials celebrate - a top 10 list. Here are my top 10 reasons why your mother is the best friend you'll have in life - ever.

1. She loved you even when you looked like an alien.

Newborns are cute because they're tiny, and all tiny things are cute. But, if we're being honest, we all looked like aliens for the first few months before we started to look like adorable tiny people. And our mother thought we were the most beautiful thing in the world even then. That kind of love can't be beat.

2. She's your biggest cheerleader.

I was (and still am) literally the most un-athletic person to ever grace an instructional league soccer field. And guess who cheered me on at every game? Mom. She supported my constant volunteering to sit on the bench, and participated in every "I hope soccer gets cancelled" rain dance. Moms cheer you on, no matter what.

3. She's always on your side.

My mom happens to be the nicest person I know. She loves everyone. She thinks everyone has redeeming qualities. She's endlessly positive. But, the second a boy was mean to me, she was ready to murder him. And no friend will ever give a "I'll kill that asshole" speech better than your mom will.

4. She's proud of you.

Moms are there to brag about your smallest accomplishments. Sending your mom a text that says "hey! I made myself dinner! Using the oven!" warrants a Facebook status of pride. Texting your friend won't have the same effect.

5. She is the best at everything.

I had a roommate who was really into making tea, and that was awesome. But, I couldn't help but think "my mom does this better". Because moms ruin us for life with their ability to be the best at everything. They make tea better, comfort better, and generally win at all things cozy.

6. She's there when friends aren't.

You know how friends are all suddenly sick or busy when you need to move? You can bet your ass that if your mom can be there to help, she will be. Even if her help is forcing you to keep things you want to throw away because they have "sentimental value", she will be there. Moms also have an amazing ability to find random people on the sidewalk who are willing to carry heavy furniture up to your 6th floor walk-up.

7. There is never a dumb question.

Your friends will laugh at you when you ask them how to make scrambled eggs. Mom won't laugh, mom will be proud you are using the stovetop by yourself and will talk you through all 2 steps.

8. You can't ugly cry in front of her.

Because she never thinks you're ugly. No matter how upset, or confused, or lost you feel, you know you can full-on ugly cry in front of your mom at any moment. She gives the best hugs, the best advice, and always miraculously has tissues ready. She knows exactly what you need in these moments, even if you don't. And, best of all, she sincerely thinks you're the most beautiful thing on the planet even when you're all puffy and blotchy post-cry.

9. You can complain to her in confidence.

When your friend is driving you crazy, it can be hard to talk to someone about. You may just need to vent and not even mean the things you say, but in talking to a friend, you risk that purely-venting conversation to be drunkenly repeated in a bathroom someday. Your mom will never tell. No matter how ridiculous your complaints, your mom will keep them a secret, and like I said before, she'll be on your side no matter what.

10. She taught you how to love.

No matter what, you and your mom have an unbreakable bond. She was the first person to love you, and that teaches your what love should be like. All future significant others can thank your mom for your amazing ability to love them no matter how ridiculous they may be.

Your mom is a special person, no matter what. She cares for you in a way that nobody else can. And, because of that, she is always the best friend you will ever have.

Sending love to all the amazing moms out there, but most of all, my mom.

Happy Mother's Day!

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