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10 "Bad Girls Club" GIFs You Need In Your Life Before A First Date

Put the tequila down and relax.

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1. Prepare ahead of time.

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Don't keep your date waiting with your last minute outfit changes or hair dilemmas. If Beyoncé woke up like dis, you can too! But not really. So do whatever you have to do the night before to make sure you're all set the next day.

2. Be confident.

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So, we've already established that you're not Beyoncé. Get over it. It doesn't mean you can't hold your head high, be confident in who you are, and let your fabulous personality shine through.

3. Show up alone.

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This should really be a given, but just in case you're one of those people, say it with me: it's not OK to bring my best friend or my kid on a date. Yes, vodka counts as a best friend, so leave it home.

4. Arrive sober.

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Yes, you read that right. Arrive sober. It may be tempting to down a shot to calm your jitters, but refrain from doing so. Have a clear head so you don't wake up to regret the next morning. Plus, slurring in public is never a good look for anyone.


5. Don't order the salad.

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You don't want your date to see you shove a rack of smothered ribs in your mouth because it looks like you've just committed a heinous act of cannibalism? Fair enough — but let's not pretend two leaves of lettuce and a chickpea is satisfying anyone's appetite.

6. Avoid controversial topics of discussion.

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You don't have to talk about rainbows and kittens the whole time — unless your date is into that — but it's probably safer to leave topics like religion and politics off the table. Besides, do you really need to talk about your revelation at bible camp when you were 12?

7. Be attentive.

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This is the time to get to know one another, so be interested in what your date has to say. If your date is the most boring person you've ever met, try to get them talking about something they're passionate about — and pray to God it's not taxes.

9. Offer to split the bill.

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When the check comes, don't suddenly be interested in checking your Instagram feed. Unless your date specifically says they'll treat you, don't assume they will. Offer to split the costs of whatever you two racked up and avoid an awkward stare down.

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